Dear Nancine


Dear Nancine was devised and created by Andrew Livingston, Isabel Castellvi, Jeffrey Young, Paul Pinto, Gelsey Bell, Erin Rogers, alejandro t. acierto and Dave Ruder, collectively known as thingNY

Limited edition of 140 copies commissioned by and produced as part of Look+Listen Festival for the May 2021 At Home Edition curated by Paul Pinto and Grace Parisi. created and designed by alejandro t. acierto and Paul Pinto

4/27/21 HELLO
Created and designed by Paul Pinto and thingNY
Concept by Isabel Castellvi, Gelsey Bell and Paul Pinto
Dear Nancine (excerpt) written and performed by Paul Pinto
Where have humans destroyed #&%$? written and performed by Paul Pinto

Inner Cartographer

Created by Dave Ruder and thingNY

Inner Cartography
Created by Gelsey Bell and thingNY

Losing a Sense of the Map by thingNY
Gelsey Bell - daxophone, concept
Dave Ruder - electronics
Isabel Castellvi - electronics
Erin Rogers - saxophone, electronics
Paul Pinto - vocals, electronics
Jeffrey Young - violin, vocals, electronics
Andrew Livingston - bass, electronics
alejandro t. acierto - percussion
Mixed by thingNY
Mastered by Ithaca
Produced by Gelsey Bell
Book layout and design by Paul Pinto and Dave Ruder
Book bound by Cassandra Baim

5/10/21 HELLO (QR GAME)
Created and designed by Paul Pinto and thingNY
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Pinto
Featuring Andrew Livingston
State Anthem of the Soviet Union, written by Gabriel El-Registan, Sergey Mikhalkov and Alexander Alexandrov

5/17/21 Moonwalk (Landscape Stickers + VIDEO)
Created and designed by Erin Rogers and thingNY
Dominance conceived by Andrew Livingston
Recorded by thingNY
Video by Erin Rogers

5/24/21 Soundwalk + postcard
Concept and design by Jeffrey Young with Paul Pinto, Isabel Castellvi, Dave Ruder, and thingNY
Individual soundwalks created by Jeffrey Young, Dave Ruder, Ariana Dimock, Isabel Castellvi, and Paul Pinto
Audio by thingNY
Postcard artwork by Jeffrey Young
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thingNY would like to give our utmost thanks to Grace Parisi and Amanda Cooper of Look+Listen, Sarah Kierle and Josh Kopecek at, Woody Leslie, Oscar Printing and City Envelope (both in Jersey City), Amanda Pinto, Cassandra Baim, Ariana Dimock, and Wikipedia.

The Look+Listen Festival's office, primary audience and venue partners are situated in Lenapehoking, the unceded territory of the Munsee Lenape and Canarsie people. We acknowledge that the colonial effects of European-inflicted genocide and the broken treaties of the U.S. government, as well as the stolen labor of enslaved people (Native and foreign-kidnapped) have irrevocably shaped our educational and artistic institutions. Look+Listen and thingNY acknowledges benefiting from those institutions.