Search for a Well Ancestor

Here's an audio version of the meditation from your letter. Maybe you'd prefer to listen to it.

Cultural & Ancestral Map

1. Get a blank piece of paper and something to draw with, preferably multiple colors
2. Imagine a drawing of the whole world on the piece of paper
3. Draw a dot at the place you currently live if you are the first generation in your family to live there. If you have two or more generations in your family that live there make the shape a little larger.
4. Draw a dot for any other places you've lived that have imprinted on who you are unsure of exact locations.
5. If you haven't already draw where you were born and where your parents live.
6. Now draw a shape around the places your parents were born. Then your grandparents and your great grandparents. Go back as far as you know from any stories you've been told.
7. If there are any places whose culture, language, art, philosophy, and so on have impacted who you are and how you live, draw a shape around places.
8. Imagine the map of the world again

Here are some examples from the group.
Dave's Geneology Map