world map with THE DATE ON YOUR LETTER at the bottom

Welcome to Dear Nancine's lovely little back page. If you found this, then you figured out the first puzzle [yay!] and a key you can use throughout the month-long experience.
You can always type the date found in each letter you receive (exactly as they appear) after our URL


to get access to extra ephemera, helpful examples, technical how-tos, and clues in case you get stuck.

QR CODES (Quick Response)

Android (ver. 8 and later) and iPhones (v. 11 and later) generally have the ability to scan QR codes from your Camera app, and they're a small but interesting part of Dear Nancine.

If it doesn't work, see if your Camera app settings has an "enable QR code scanning" option or something similar.

Still nothing? Well, that means your phone can't do it natively. Maybe this is a good excuse to share the piece with someone in your pod who might be able to help.

Alternately, you can download a third party app to do it.

Also, I think QRs are fascinating. Here's a brief bit about how they actually work:


where have humans destroyed shit and QR code

Good Question!

Some selected portions of Dear Nancine use a sound walk app called Echoes.xyz. Try your QR scan abilities above to test drive it... or click the image.


The cut up map/puzzle/piece activity came from a game Isabel, Gelsey, and Paul mailed to each other and the rest of the band. Want some inspiration? Here's a very detailed scan of what some of us did with it. Move your mouse over to magnify:

Isabel's original instruction

(Don't get this magnifying glass thing, Paul, just show me the original image)

The cut up map was designed modeled after the data on https://native-land.ca. The site features a work-in-progress interactive map of American and Oceanian indigenous territory, languages and treaties, and is really recommended as one resource to think about the history of the space we currently occupy.